Sheffield Ridge Condominium Association, INC.


Rules and Regulations

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1. The sidewalk, entrances, hallways and like portions of the Common Areas shall not be obstructed nor used for any purpose other than for ingress and egress to and from the Condominium Property; nor shall any carts, bicycles, carriages, chairs, tables for any other personal objects be stored in any Common Area.

2. All furniture, appliances and deliveries must be moved in/out through the back entrances of the buildings only. Absolutely no moving in or out on Sunday or after 9:00 p.m. during the week. Residents must notify the Superintendent one (1) day in advance when you are expecting a large delivery or when removing large items from your Unit so that padding may be put up in the elevator. A $50.00 fine will be levied against any Unit Owner or Tenant who does not comply with these regulations.

3. Moving In/Moving Out Fee: Fee is $100.00 to be paid by the Unit Owner. All Unit Owners are subject to this Fee. Please notify the Superintendent in advance with the following information:

1. Date of Move – In/Out

2. Name of New Owner or Tenant

3. Building and Unit Number

4. Name of Moving Company

5. Estimated Time of Arrival

This information is required for lease or sale of the Unit. Please advise your delivery/moving company to notify the Superintendent (203-838-1494) on arrival Monday through Friday. He will instruct them on parking and other necessary information.

4. The personal property of the Unit Owners and/or Tenants must be stored in their respective Units or assigned Basement Storage areas only. No flammable or explosive fluids, gas tanks/ containers, chemicals or industrial substances shall be kept in any Unit, or in any area on the Condominium Property.

5. Pets: One (1) common house pet per Unit may be kept provided that it does not exceed 25 lbs. in weight. Once outside your Unit, animal must be on a leash at all times. Your pet is never to be left unattended. Any pet creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise shall be permanently removed from the property per the Condominium Declarations. Dogs should be curbed. If the dog litters on the grounds of the Condominium Property, it must be picked up by the Owner.

6. Any pet deemed a nuisance by the Board of Directors and/or Property Management must be removed by its Owner within three (3) days after receiving written notification. In accordance with City and State law, dogs must be licensed and have a yearly rabies inoculation. Owner must be able to present certified rabies inoculation documentation to the Board of Directors and/or Property Management upon request.

7. No garbage cans, supplies or other articles shall be placed in or on Common Areas. No linen, clothing, curtains, rugs, mops or laundry or any kind or other articles shall be shaken or hung from any of the windows, doors, fences or other portions of the Condominium Property.

8. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall permit anything to fall from a window of the Condominium Property. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall throw anything from a window, nor sweep from the Units into Condominium Property any dirt or other substances into any of the Common Areas or onto the street.

9. All refuse/garbage must be deposited with all other refuse in the areas designate for such purpose by the Condominium Association. General refuse is to go into the dumpsters. Boxes are to be flattened and put into the dumpsters. Recyclable cans, bottles, plastics, newspapers and dry paper goods are to be placed in the appropriate blue bins. Plastic bags are to be thrown out only in the dumpster (or taken to Stop ‘N Shop for recycling). Any plastic bags in the blue recycle bins will cause the bin to be rejected by Norwalk Recycling.

PLEASE NOTE: NOTHING should be left on the ground outside of the dumpsters or recycle bins. Furniture, air conditioners, mattresses, or any other large items must be taken to the Norwalk Transfer Station. You will be fined for each day the items are left there if you do.

10. Parking areas are solely for Residents’ non-commercial vehicles with a current passenger vehicle registration. All vehicles are required to have a Sheffield Ridge Parking Sticker fixed to the inside, left rear window of the vehicle. Parking stickers are obtained from the Superintendent’s Office. Vehicles without parking stickers will be towed at the owner’s expense after a warning.

11. No vehicle which cannot operate under its own power shall remain on the Condominium Property for more than twenty-four (24) hours – the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense; and no maintenance or repair of vehicles shall be made on the Condominium Property.

12. No vehicles are allowed to be backed in and parked against any of the buildings in the Complex. This is due to exhaust fumes filtering into the buildings and Residents windows.

13. No commercial vehicles, vehicles with commercial signs, campers, mobile homes, boats, trailers of any description, nor recreational vehicles, shall be permitted to be parked or to be stored at any place on the Condominium Property. This prohibition of commercial vehicles shall not apply to the temporary parking of commercial vehicles during the day for pick-up, delivery or other temporary commercial services for the Owners and Tenants of Sheffield Ridge. The fine for illegal parking is $25.00/day.

14. Employees of the Association are not to be sent by Unit Owners or Tenants for personal errands. The Board of Directors shall be solely responsible for directing and supervising employees of the Association.

15. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall make or permit any disturbing noises in his Unit by himself, his family, servants, employees, agents or visitors. Nor shall the Unit Owner or Tenant permit any conduct by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of other Unit Owners or Tenants. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall play or permit to be played any musical instrument, nor operate or permit to be operated a stereo, television, radio or sound amplifiers in his/her Unit in such a manner as to disturb or annoy other Tenants. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall conduct, or permit to be conducted vocal or instrumental instruction at any time which disturbs other Tenants.

16. No radio or television installations may be permitted in any Unit which interferes with the television, radio or internet reception in another Unit.

17. No sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering shall be exhibited, displayed, inscribed, painted or affixed in or on any part of the Condominium Property, except signs used or approved by the Board of Directors. Additionally, no awnings (other than those owned by Sheffield Ridge), shutters, satellite dishes or other projections shall be attached to or placed upon the outside walls or roof of the Buildings, or in/on the Common Areas.

18. The Association retains a master key to all the Units. No Unit Owner or Tenant shall alter any lock or install a new lock without prior consent of the Board of Directors. Where such consent is given, a copy of the new key must be provided to the Association.

19. Food and/or beverages may not be consumed outside of a Unit in any Common Area unless it is for an event approved by the Board of Directors.

20. A Unit Owner or Tenant shall not cause anything to be attached to, hung, displayed or placed on the exterior walls, doors or windows of the buildings. Curtains, drapes (or linings thereof) which face the window exteriors shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors. If the Board deems the window coverings inappropriate, they shall be removed and replaced with acceptable items. Windows must be covered within 60 days of move-in date.

21. No structure of a temporary nature, no trailer of any kind, tent or mobile home or recreational vehicle shall be permitted on the Condominium Property at any time. Nor may they be used at any time on the Condominium Property as a temporary residence or storage.

22. No air conditioning units or fans may be installed in Unit windows by Owners or Tenants. A fine will be levied by the Board of Directors.

23. The requirements, from time to time, of any governmental agency for disposal or collection of hazardous waste materials shall be complied with. All equipment for the storage or disposal of such material shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

24. No exterior antenna or satellite dish shall be permitted on the Condominium Property, or improvements therein; provided that, the Association shall have the right to own, install and maintain community antenna, bundled telephone, computer, internet and television lines, and any other temporary communications systems.

25. Children are the direct responsibility of their parents, legal guardians or caregivers, including full supervision of them while within or on Condominium Property. This includes full compliane by the children of all the rules and regulations of the Association.

26. Water beds, washing machines and dryers are not permitted in any Unit. Unit Owners and/or Tenants having such items will be fined until they are removed.

27. No structural alteration in the interior, or any change to the exterior of a Unit, shall be made by a Unit Owner or Tenant which would in any way alter the structural support, integrity or appearance of that Unit or surrounding building without the express authority from the Board of Directors.

28. Bulletin Boards in the laundry rooms are for Association-related notices. A suggestion box is provided next to the Superintendent’s Office in the basement of the Maple Street building.

29. After daytime working hours, on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, if you lose your keys and find yourself locked out of your building and/or Unit, the Lock-Out Fee is $50.00 paid directly to the Superintendent at the time you are let back in to the building and Unit. Even if you manage to get back in – if the Superintendent is called and comes to the building, the Lock-Out Fee still needs to be paid.

30. No exterior door mats, footwear or garbage may be placed outside your doorway in the halls. Everything must be kept inside the Units.

31. It is extremely important before making any new connection to the Sheffield Ridge water supply, the Unit Owner or Tenant must contact the Superintendent. Also, during the replacement or repair of any faucet, dishwasher or toilet tank using Sheffield Ridge water, the Unit Owner must install a Floodsafe, Floodcheck or equivalent automatic shutoff device ­with the water connection hoses. Unit Owners are responsible for any water hose damage or loss. They must immediately notify the Property Manager, McCarthy & Associates and the Superintendent of any water hose problems. Floodsafe water hoses must remain installed at all times.

32. The Sheffield Ridge Board of Directors is empowered by the Association’s Declarations to assess fines for violations of these Rules and Regulations. The amount of the fine will be set by the Board of Directors, and the term of the fines can range from daily to monthly at the Board’s discretion. All fines must be paid when assessed. Any unpaid fines will become a property lien on the appropriate Unit(s).

33. The above rules and regulations are to be adhered to, otherwise, fines will be issued where applicable. The Board is not required to send warning letters before imposing fines. However, where possible, a warning letter will be sent.

The above Rules and Regulations were put in place for the benefit of all Sheffield Ridge residents. We are a very diverse community of all ages, nationalities and differing schedules during the day and night. The Rules and Regulations were put in place so that everyone living at Sheffield Ridge can enjoy a safe, clean, peaceful and pleasant place to live. We thank you for your efforts and cooperation which makes Sheffield Ridge the fine place to live – a place we can all call home.

Thank you.
Your Board of Directors
Sheffield Ridge Condominium Association, Inc.

Updated: July 2008
Sheffield Ridge BOD